Message from President

PresidentAfghanistan has a long way ahead toward sustainable multifaceted development. Development of infrastructures like roads, railways, small and medium dams and new urban areas can be assumed as the first steps. Finding and development of financial supports needed for these steps seem vital for Afghanistan. Proper usage of natural wealth such as water and mineral resources is almost the best way that can provide short and mid-term revenue and move Afghanistan toward self-dependency.

Professionalism, commitment and experience play a fundamental role in getting proper and sustainable results from these steps. This point is the main philosophy of Afghanite establishment.

Afghanite consists of Afghan specialists who not only have high levels of education but also those who have long time experiences in different practical activities all around Afghanistan in fields of Geo engineering, Construction and  Mining.

Afghanite successfully has gathered almost the best local experts in various related fields mentioned above, in order to form a unique core work team. This team which is supported by internal investment is capable of technical services and consultancy in highest possible levels in Afghanistan and soon will be in the region.

Afghanite  established a relation, co-operation on technical consultancy and support, with credible international companies in order to synchronize its services with the most recent technical innovations and developments in the world. Afghanite Company’s priority is using well-known brands of Lab. and field equipments in order to provide accurate data and services.

Afghanite is committed to the globally accepted professional moral principles and moreover as part of the Afghanistan nation, will put all efforts to reserve wealth and environment of the country. Social responsibility, gender equality and transparency will be the main codes of conduct of Afghanite Co.