Our Team

1. Mr. Ibrahim Jafari, President

PhD. Engineering Geology

61With more than five years of experience in a leading geotechnical company in Afghanistan with capacity development mission, Mr. Jafari beside the technical capacities needed for development of geosciences related businesses,  has an academic characteristic including lecturing and research. He has had significant role in many especial technical projects as the first in Afghanistan (Slope Stability, EIA of Oil and Gas Project, Pile Load Testing, etc.) He has experience working with many credible institutes around the word in the framework of international projects.



2. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Joyaa, Vice President

B.B.A, Accounting

Untitled-112Mr. Joyaa is a successful Afghan business man who has 8 years of managing and investing in different fields in Afghanistan. He has a very good relation with international companies working in Afghanistan especially in construction and real estate industry. He is a Co-founder and one of the active board members of Afghanite in business expansion and decision making.




3. Mr. Jowhar Hosseini, Chairman

B.Sc, Civil Engineering

Chairman Mr. Hosseini has 8 years of successful performance of leading construction business in Afghanistan. He is basically a construction engineer who has completed many projects in various locations in the country .He has good skill of communication, project management and business leadership. He is representing a significant Resource support to the Afghanite Geo & Mining Engineering Services to achieve their goals more smoothly and efficiently.

4. Mr. Mohammad Mirzaee, VP/ Technical ,Operational

M. Sc. in Economic Geology

Untitled-31With more than 10  years technical operation and Program management with US- Army corps of engineers, USAID, American companies, UNDP, UNISCO, GIZ, JICA, Afghan government and private companies all around Afghanistan.
Mr. Mirzaee is a recognized Afghan expert in exploration Geology, Geotechnique, Geophysics, hydrogeology, trainer, top management in all provinces of Afghanistan.


5. Mr. Mohammad Hussain Akhlaqi,  VP/ Marketing, General Admin

MBA, Mining         B.Sc, Civil Engineering

akhlaqiMr. Khaleqi has more than 15 years of experience  in construction firm management and Operations. He has worked in multi-cultural environmental, program management on various construction and infrastructure projects correspondingly. He has a very good communication, leadership and team work skills on running projects and businesses. During the past decade he has had reputable relation with international organizations, companies and official representatives of donor countries in Afghanistan. He has completed many training programs in business management and international seminars abroad.

6. Mr. Din Mohammad Noori, Co-Founder

IMG_0356BA in (International Relation) with 4 years of experience in managing construction projects funded by USACE in South Afghanistan under SRCC is a Co-founder of AFGHANITE. He is a talented young businessman supporting Afghanite with resources available with him as member of Board.  Mr Noori is a shareholder to SalsalBami logistic and trading company and Mashal Dairy Production Company.


7. Mr. Qadir Yarzada, Co-Founder

00111As a Co-founder of Afghanite, has a significant role on business expansion on North region of Afghanistan. He has a good influence and relation with investors and businessman especially in field of mine and construction on north. Mr Yarzada has many years’ experience of managing food production factory in Afghanistan. He has visited many countries which added a lot of value to his business successes.


8. Ms. Fatemah Akbari

AkbariMSc (Environmental Engineering) from Tehran University.With special experience in removal of carbamazepine by radical Sulphate from aqua solutions Project.

She is a very talented young lady, environmental engineer capable to implement and supervise  environmental projects. She passed GIS training which is highly appreciated and helpful to manage geographical and geospatial information.


9. Ms. Akram Mostafanejad

Ph.D. in Seismology from University of Memphis, TN, USA with over 6 years of experience in setting and installing of Seismic stations, Geophysical Field Data Acquisition & Processing , Geomorphology and Geo-archeology Investigation, Electric Resistivity and Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation in different projects in the United States of America and Iran.

Ms. Mostafanejad is practically skilled in MATLAB, GMT, SEISAN, SAC, TauP, Surfur, GeoSOFT, and ProMaxe. She has many awards and publication in seismic studies.

10. Mr. Abdul Halim Zaryab

ZaryabMSc (Hydrology and Engineering Geology ) From National Technical University, Kazakhstan. With 4 years of experience in analysis and preparation of Hydrological reports, exploration, site survey for ground water, geo electrical (resistivity tests), Design of geotechnical investigation of Dam, Tunnel and Road projects.He is familiar with Geotechnical drilling, sampling and testing procedures.

He has been project manager for geotechnical and hydrological investigation projects in numerous USAID, ANP, ANA, USACE, US projects all around Afghanistan.

11. Mr. Reza Heidarpour

haidarpoorMSc (Economic Geology) from Tehran University, with 4 years effective experience in geological survey, Rock Analysis, Base line environmental assessment, Mineral exploration reporting and GIS map preparation for US and AFGHAN Government projects .

He is professor in Kateb private university and got training in GIS, SURFER, DATA MINE in National Cartographic


12. Mr. Ghulam Hussein Nazari

nazariPhD (Petrology) with 6 year of experience in  petrology as a head of department in US and AFGHAN projects . Mr. Nazari has the capacity of ASTM standard tests and general knowledge about ACR,ASR,AAR,CSH,DEF, Sulfate attack, Providing Geology mapping, identification of Mineral reserve and Ore Deposits estimation and evaluation . Mr Nazari is familiar with special software such as: Minpet, Newpet, PerPLe_x, Earth Resource mapping (ER Mapper 7.0), Geospatial imagery analysis and processing application (ITTVIS.v4.5-NULL) and ARCGIS

 13. Mr. Hassan Khodadadi

hasanGraduated technical school, with more than 8years  work experience  as a Chief Geotechnical Driller and Drilling Rig Mechanic in many  Geotechnical Companies in Afghanistan. Has completed many drilling projects which are implemented by US Companies, EU, GTZ, JICA,USACE, AFGHAN Government and private sectors in the country. He is a qualified-trained driller and mechanics of different type of drilling machine for geotechnical and mining purposes.


14. Mr. Shukrullah Hussaini

M.Sshukrollah-hosseinic. in Mining Engineering with 3 years of experience as a project engineer in water recycling and minerals investigation and studies specially in Limestone and Marbles . He has a very good team work skill in project site and likes to participate on site survey and field investigation of mining area. Mr Shukrullah has the capacity to evaluate and advice mining methodology and design.



15. Mr. Feda Hussain Rezae

Ph.D. (Prostecting and Exploration of minerals) from Moscow, with 7 years of experience in USAID projects in Afghanistan as Geological and Geotechnical Engineer.
He is familiar with tectonic structure of Afghanistan. Mr. Rezae is knowledgeable in Geophysical and Geochemical method of mineral exploration and related software and programs in evaluating the reserve calculation of the ore deposit.