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Afghanite & ABADE-USAID train 20 Female Engineers in Petrography & Material Testing Lab

Posted in: September 21, 2019

Afghanite Geo & Mining Engineering Services trained 20 Afghan female engineers in petrography and material testing laboratory. The training, which was funded by ABADE project of USAID, lasted for 2o days during which the trainees were trained on the use of standard laboratory testing equipment to characterize and determine the basic mechanical properties, physical properties, and performance behavior of materials widely found and used in Afghanistan. The goals of the training was the students to :

1. Understand the purpose of geotechnical investigation and testing;
2. Become familiar with the standard technologies, and tools used in mineral exploration,

testing, and extraction;
3. Know the methodologies used in mine exploration and know how ore mineral and
hydrocarbons are identified;
4. Recognize, describe, and classify a variety of rocks and minerals;
5. Perform ingenious and metamorphic rock classification, and understand its relevance to the
mining industry;
6. Prepare thin sections and samples, and analyze them using microscopes and other laboratory
7. Collect mineral samples in the field, using practical, industry standard practices.


Afghanistan is a country rich in mineral resources, however it is difficult to economically locate and extract them due to an underdeveloped domestic mining sector. The improvement of national security in recent years, and the Afghan government’s strategy for legitimizing the mining sector has improved the environment for investment in the mining sector, however there remains limited domestic expertise and professional capacity to work in the sector . Most geological and civil engineering curricula in Afghanistan focuses on traditional lecture based learning, but lacks a significant laboratory component. This training course was an opportunity for geological and civil engineering students and professionals to receive hands-on training in materials testing, enabling them to investigate rock composition and other geotechnical testing practices in a controlled laboratory setting. This program provided a practical petrography laboratory training for women who have a background in civil engineering or geology, and are interested in working as a laboratory technician, or similar position.