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First Phase Geotechnical Investigation of Salang New Tunnel Feasibility and Design Is Finished

Posted in: September 21, 2019

Afghanite company is pleased to announce that the first phase geotechnical investigation of Salang New Tunnel FB study and design is successfully accomplished.

This phase consists of evaluation of three different options for the construction of new tunnel which will be connecting northern part of the country to the central and southern parts. The geotechnical investigation campaign was including 9 BH drilling with the depth of 220 meter at most. The drilling should be done in HQ diameter using triple tube wireline drilling method.

This project was the most challenging one in this type in the region since about 4000 m altitude and lack of ground access to the locations were imposing special complications for the logistics and operation of this activity.

This project is the largest geotechnical investigation project from the cost perspective in the last decades.


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