Afghanite for Afghanistan's Infrastructures and Extractives

Executive Summary

Afghanite is an Afghan company created by a group of talented, experienced Afghan Geologists,Mining Engineers and Civil Engineers with high qualifications in the fields of Geo & Mining Engineering, Environmental Analysis, Geotechnics and Construction services in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has 1-3 Trillion USD worth of discovered mines, according to the USGS and Afghan Government reports. During the last decade, Afghanite founders have studied and worked closely with the mining industry to understand the problems that hinder mining operations. Our experienced staff offer a comprehensive package of Geo Engineering, Geotechnical, Mining and Environmental Services for afghan and international organizations.

Our services include Engineering design, drilling, specialized mining services, testing and lab services, mining environmental solutions, construction, operational practice, health & safety, quality assurance and training programs; These are the programs that empower the employees, improve product quality, increase productivity and profits, and enhance the environment where people work. Afghanite’s main goal is to align with the client interests and needs, supporting the improvements of afghan society. This will enhance equitable relationship with our local and international customers.Our purpose is to create long-term share holder value through the services, discovery,acquisition, development and marketing of mines and natural resources.Our strategy is to own and operate long-life, low-cost, expandable, upstream and sustainable business across Afghanistan.

Mining operations are highly complex and represent significant investments of energy, labor, and capital. In order for these investments to be successful they rely on highly accurate and timely information of what is on the ground, where, and in what quantity. Mine operators also have to comply with many strict environmental and safety regulations continuously during their day-to-day operations.

Afghanite Services will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity and profits. Increasing production and operational excellence through innovative techniques & technologies are our main focus of our business.

Whatever you mine or wherever you are across Afghanistan, Afghanite brings a wealth of expertise to your mine. We evaluate mining equipment, people, processes and technologies, and then implement international best practices specific to your mine. The results are improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased productivity