Afghanite for Afghanistan's Infrastructures and Extractives

Mineral Exploration Services

(All services in this department could have the SRK (Kazakhstan) technical support)

  • Exploration Project Planning and Management
  • Geological Studies (Mentioned in the Previous Section)
  • Geophysical Exploration of the Area (Details in Next Sections)
  • Surface and Deep Sampling
  • Vertical and Oriented Ordinary and Wireline Drilling with Possibility of Joint Orientation Study and Down-Hole Logging (Up to 1000 m in depth and over 50 m/day drilling rate)
  • Petrographic and Geochemical Study of Samples (Details in Next Sections)
  • Categorization of Information and  3D Modeling of  Ore Body
  • Resource Estimation and reporting (According to JORC, SME, NI 43-101, …