Afghanite for Afghanistan's Infrastructures and Extractives

Major Projects

Afghanite Company has over 150 projects accomplishments and here just the significant samples are presented.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Shaida Copper Exploration Project
Geotechnical Investigation of Salang New Tunnel
Detailed Route Survey (Topo, LIDAR and Bathymetry) of TAPI Pipeline in Afghanistan
Geotechnical Investigation of TAPI Pipeline Route in Afghanistan Territory
Afghanistan Lapis, Talc, and Onyx Value Chain Analysis
Kabul Province, Lalandar Chromite Deposit, Exploration drilling
Magnetic Survey for Chromite Deposits of Koh-e-Safi, Parwan Province
ESIA, Topography Survey, Geotechnical Investigation, and Design of Zazai Recreational Park
Industrial Factories Area Geotechnical Investigation for Alokozay Group of Companies (AGC)
Salt Mine Exploration Drilling Project