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Afghanite becomes the first eligible Afghan company to get the membership of Finnpartnership, a partnership project from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Finland

Posted in: September 21, 2019

May 26, 2015- We are very pleased to announce that Afghanite Geo & Mining Engineering Services has been successfully deemed eligible to become the first Afghan company get the membership of Finnpartnership program, a project from the ministry of foreign affairs of the Government of Finland.

Finnerpartnershp provides member companies and organizations the Business Partnership Support Facility and wide-ranging advisory services. From the outset of planning a project, member companies can contact Finnpartnership’s experts who can provide guidance throughout the different phases of a project. These services include:

  • Business Partnership Support  for actors who want financial support for the costs resulting in the initial phase of the project
  • identifying business partners (Matchmaking) for actors who need assistance in seeking out business partners for their project
  • planning and financial advice
  • mentoring service

We believe that this membership can help Afghanite to expand its activities by finding long term strategic Finnish partner companies in the fields of infrastructure feasibility studies, Geotehcnical and geological studies, environmental studies, and especially in the mining sector. Finland has a long tradition in the mining industry. In the beginning of the 20th century all the rich ores of world class were discovered such as copper ores, nickel ores, etc. These deposits constituted the basis for a vivid and technically innovative smelting industry in different areas of Finland.

Prior to becoming a member of Finnerpartnership, companies should first be evaluated and only after being evaluated as eligible, the company can apply for membership. Afghanite’s highly professional and experienced staff, the different various successful past performances in previous projects, and the international certifications (ISO 17025, 9001, 14001, USACE) were some of the important factors which paved the way for this membership.
The list of 152 member companies of Finnerparternship from all around the world could be viewed at